Who am I and What's This Site All About Anyway?

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Hey there.  Welcome to WeddingPhotographyGig.com. My name is Ryan Oakley and I'm the guy behind this website.

Its kinda funny. You got here with the blink of an eye (or the click of a mouse). But for me, it's taken many many years to finally write this, my first blog post on something I'm absolutely passionate about. Many many mouse clicks.

Despite the crazy numbers of blogs out there today (are we in the gazillions yet?), in my experience setting up and managing a GOOD blog is not easy. So it has taken me years to get to this point where I'm actually writing my first blog post and jumping into this blogging thing.

Why did it take me so long? Well, I wanted my blog to be one of the good ones. And for that to happen, I needed to find a topic that would fulfil these two primary blogging goals:

  1. I must blog and create content on something I'm passionate about.
  2. I must blog and create content on something that I think will add value to the world (or at least to the world of a specific audience).

So here we both are. Me, a passionate wedding photographer (and now blogger). You, a seeker of good wedding photography content.

On WeddingPhotographyGig.com I'll be focusing on growing and perfecting the lifestyle I'm able to afford through my wedding photography business by sharing and teaching others to do the same. I want to share the ups and downs of my journey so that we may both gain from the experience.

So let's get to know each other. I mean, that's the point, isn't it? Now that I've introduced myself, I'd love to meet you.

Please say hi.

Leave a comment below, or…

Follow me on twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/weddingphotogig

Send me an email – ryan AT weddingphotographygig DOT com

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