Photographers Wedding Day Cheat Sheet and Shot List, by Ryan Oakley

A Comprehensive Checklist to Ease Those Wedding Shoot Jitters

I’m really happy to announce that my new “ebook”, Photographers Wedding Day Cheat Sheet and Shot List, is finished!

And yes, it's totally free.

This pdf checklist is what I use to make sure I don’t miss a shot, and includes a cheat sheet to help me remember the important things during what’s normally a very hectic wedding shoot.

Why did I create this and why is it free?

I couldn’t have made it to where I am today without the help of others.  So this document is my way to pay-it-forward. And I really wanted to give you, my loyal audience, something useful that you can use right away in your wedding photography business.

Yes, it does require you to sign up for my free email newsletter, but my emails are packed full of wedding photography business tips that you can’t find anywhere on this blog. You can unsubscribe at anytime, but I promise I hate spam as much as you do — so you won’t see any of that garbage from me.  My blog is all about providing great content.

Don't Miss a Shot!

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