My Smugmug Website: Set It and Forget It

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After I finish editing 364 photos from a wedding shoot, I’m usually pretty exhausted.  But I’m also pretty excited to get the photos in front of the eyes of my client.

So I’m thankful that the next phase in my work-flow is so painless.

By using a premium photo hosting site like smugmug, I am able to utilize their back-end features to optimize my workflow.  I can use preset gallery settings, preset print pricing settings, and I know that it will only take me a few clicks to get my photos from my hard drive, onto my site, and ready to share with my clients.

I actually made a video tutorial showing exactly how I get my photos onto my smugmug website, but unfortunately I had technical issues with youtube.  Good thing the steps are so simple I can just type them out in this post.

Publishing a Photo Gallery the Easy Way

  1. Export JPEG files to hard drive
  2. Login to smugmug account
  3. Hit Upload and select “Create New Gallery”
  4. Choose your gallery settings and pricing settings of choice (that’s the “Set It” part of this post)
  5. Drag and Drop files into the browser
  6. Grab a beverage and/or play with kids (364 full rez photos can take a little while to upload)
  7. Make some small changes to the gallery settings (like add a password if necessary)
  8. Share the link with the client (usually via email or facebook)
  9. Wait for the message back from your client which will read something like this —

“WOW!  These shots are AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THAN YOU!”  (Yes, happy clients love to use ALL-CAPS)

OK, now I know this is probably not the most exciting post I could have writen about smugmug, but I'm just getting started with this blog and I promise more spectacular tutorials will follow.

You'll hear me talk about smugmug quite a bit on this blog for a few reasons.

  1. A great portfolio website is critical for a professional wedding photographer.   This is true whether or not you use smugmug.  But in my future posts, I'll be using examples of how smugmug accomplishes this.
  2. A great photo hosting service is critical for a professional wedding photographers sanity and bottom line.  Another truth.
  3. I've been a smugmug customer since 2005, and I'm as loyal as they come.

Ok, ok….no need to get all mushy and sentimental, but if you want to check smugmug out, click on the link below to start your free 14 day trial.  Please note that the link below is an affiliate link, and if you choose to click on it and sign up you'd be putting food on my table.

Oh, and you’ll get 20% off your first year as well.  :)

Sign up with smugmug


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