Step 8 – Create a Gorgeous Photography Website with SmugMug in 90 Minutes

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Step 8 – Final Customization Tweaks

So, did you complete Step 7 and create your “Work With Me” page?

If you answered “No” – please head back to Step 7 before moving to Step 8.

If you answered “Yes” – Congrats! You're making progress and you're well on your way to a fantastic new website.

If your answer is “What is this crazy guy talking about?” – then you might want to check out this tutorial intro page.

OK.  Let's get this website completed!

In Step 8 I'll show you how to make some final customization tweaks to complete the design of your website.

Take Action!

  • Watch the Step 8 video below (length: 9 minutes)
  • Use the “Advanced Side-wide Custimization” tool in smugmug to do some CSS coding to make some final changes to your site.
    • Copy and paste the code below to make the final changes.
    • IMPORTANT – Remember to change xxxxxx below with the gallery code for your own “Work With Me” page.  The gallery code is the first set of numbers that come after the gallery name in the browser address bar.  As an example, the address for my page is –  So I would replace the xxxxxx below with 20032763.  Yours will be a different set of numbers for your Work With Me page.

/* Hide breadcrumbs when not logged in */
.notLoggedIn #breadCrumbTrail {display: none;}

/* Hide pageNavigation, Slideshow button, and album navigation for Work With Me gallery */
.gallery_xxxxxx .pageNav {visibility:hidden;}
.gallery_xxxxxx #slideshowButton {display:none;}
.gallery_xxxxxx #albumNav_top {display:none;}

/*Move entire website down the page 50 px*/
#bodyWrapper {padding: 50px;}

/*Change color of H2 (titles for Work With Me Page) to blue*/
H2 {color: #1963AA; !important;}

What's Next?

You're done!!

Seriously.  You now have a killer photography website.

Here's a list of things you can now do:

  • If you enjoyed this tutorial series, post a comment below and be sure to share the link to your new website – I'd love to check it out.
  • Share your new site to the world!  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your clients…..tell everyone that you are open for business!!
  • If you have the itch to customize your site further, by all means fill your boots.  I suggest you start here on this thread in the dgrin forum.
  • If you are looking to hire a smugmug designer, I recommend these guys….FastLine
  • Watch this BONUS video where I show you a quick way to set your prices so you can start making some $$$ from your wonderful work.
  • Get your own custom domain name ( instead of at (yes, they sell .com's as well as .ca's and .net's, etc.).

Tip: You generally can't go wrong with “”…..

You can check to see if you're domain name is available by entering it in the search box below.  (Despite how the search box below looks, it does indeed work!)  :)

Need to go back to a previous step? Here they all are…

Still Not Quite Sure What This Tutorial is All About?

Visit the main tutorial page which explains the what and the why's of this how-to create a great wedding photography website tutorial.

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