Free Course: Create a Gorgeous Photography Website with SmugMug in 90 Minutes

Easy to Follow HD Screencasts with Step-By-Step Instructions for Creating Your Photography Website

Your photos deserve The Best…

…but if they're stuck on your camera or hidden away in your computer where no one can enjoy them, then that is very very sad indeed.


Hey, here's an idea! Let's build you a website where you can share your photos and videos in all their glory!

Oh…does creating your own photography website seem a little daunting?

I hear ya – it can be.

But no worries. I'm here to help! I can teach you how to build your very own, gorgeous photography website – in less than 90 minutes!

With your new photography website you'll have:

  • A site that makes your photos look amazing
  • A site that will protect your images with right-click-protection, and password security
  • A site that you can sell your photos – and make a little cash!
  • A site that will allow you to upload and share hi-res photos and HD videos
  • A site you can customize and make your own
  • A site built on a platform trusted by thousands of photographers

In this FREE course I'm going to show you how to create a really great looking, user friendly photography website.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Course Objectives:

Mission Possible: Build your very own custom photography website in as short amount of time as possible

Course Requirements:

Nadda, Zip, Zilch — You don't need know ANYTHING about web design or website creation to complete this course. Yippee!

What Will Our Finish Site Look Like?

Check out the demo site! Obviously it's fictitious. :)

OK, I'm Ready to Take the Course. Where Do I Start?

Like all great adventures….on the first step.

What Others Are Saying About This Course

“I would be so lost without these videos! I really like the simplicity of the site. Nice and clean! Thanks!” – Shaylynn Grant, Shaylynn Grant Photography

“This is the most comprehensive set of vids I’ve seen on SmugMug from start to finish.” – Will Randolph, Helios Digital Imaging & Graphic Design

“I just spent the last couple of hours on your tutorial. Thank you so much for spending the time and effort to create this. It is providing just the kind of direction that I needed. I am up to step six and will work the rest of the way through tomorrow night. You rock!” – Sam

“Ryan, What an awesome tutorial! I used your tutorial to learn how to set up my smugmug site. My site is not a wedding site, so it is helpful for any site. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!” – Jo

“I have had a SM account for 2 years, taken a web design class, and I still could not filter through the potpourri of data to customize my site by myself.  I paid $ for similiar information that does not even work, and you shared it for free and it works. Thank you so much for this invaluable easy to understand information.” – Lifetimecompositions