Hi, I'm Ryan

I'm the founder of Photography (on the side).

This site hosts all my writing and tutorials that I have created over the years to help you…do something.

Like – How to build a photography website from scratch

Or – How to create a wicked slideshow video

I want to encourage you to create something new and awesome today. It could be a small project – like learning how to make a slideshow video. Or it could be something bigger – like starting a new side business.

Maybe you're scared.

That's ok.

Being scared means that what you want to do is important to you. Your fear is that you'll screw it up.

Screwing up is part of the process.

And you'll never know unless you try.

Plus, there are people like me, who take time to make tutorials and post helpful information online that you can search for and follow so that you have a greater chance at success!

I had an idea once to create a walking audio tour of my hometown of Nelson, British Columbia.

I had never done anything like it before. And I was freaked out (and really damn excited).

I lost sleep – turning the idea over and over in my head.

I managed to get the project started by raising over $7,000 on a crowdfunding website (Indiegogo) to make it happen.

And I did make it happen.

But I also screwed up the marketing. It was a good audio tour, but not a lot of people were buying it from the App Store.

I failed.

But I enjoyed the process and I learned a lot from what worked and what didn't.

That experience led the way to another project that was much more successful.

I am a proud author of a (locally popular) street photography book – Humans of Nelson.

Again, I raised the money, this time over $10,000 with Kickstarter, to help me financially make it happen.

It's a thrill to see my book at the local bookstore.

Or to have people I've never met tell me what they think of it.

And then there's this blog.

It's scary to publish content sometimes. I hope people like what I have to say. And I hope my information helps people.

Thankfully, I've received a tonne of thumbs up on my YouTube videos. And hundreds of positive comments here on the blog.

So I must be doing something right.

And again, I'm glad I didn't let my fear keep me from creating something new.

So what are you going to try today?

Don't know where to start?

Start here.


P.S. Here's a list of my favourite things. I'm nerdy. I know. :)