Word of Mouth: The Most Powerful Marketing and Sales Tool for Part-Time Photographers

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Here's something I realized really early on in my photography business – I hate selling myself.

Telling people “Hey, look at my work. Isn't it great?! You should hire me cause I'm awesome.” makes me feel icky.

At the worst end of this, if I try to sell to someone who's cold to what I have to offer – then I'm met with rejection that can feel like crap.

If I do manage to succeed in convincing someone to hire me, it's with a

A lot of traditional advertising is based on blasting out sales messages to as many people as possible – in hopes that a (small) percentage of them will be caught in the net and become customers or clients.

Sure, those companies annoy 99% of the people they put their message in front of, but they think it's worth it for the 1% (or smaller) of that audience that ends up buying their stuff.

There's a Better Way

Wouldn't you rather your next client come to YOU and nearly beg you to shoot their wedding or family portrait?

Imagine the extreme – of you having to turn down people because you just can't take on that much work.

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