SmugMug Website Examples – Submit and Vote on Your Favorites

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The following is a list of beautifully designed SmugMug sites created and used by real photographers.

Use this list to get inspiration and ideas for your SmugMug site.

And feel free to:

  1. vote on your favorites
  2. leave a comment
  3. add your own SmugMug site to the list

If you need help creating your site, check out my step-by-step SmugMug customization tutorial.


  1. Here is my website from SmugMug

  2. Still growing and learning how to market my work. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Hey, Ryan. Thank you so much for the SmugMug tutorial and the coupon. My site’s not fully built out yet, but I got a huge head start because of your terrific guidance. Hands down the most useful thing I’ve seen on the web. So happy I found it. I’m looking forward to exploring your photographyontheside site too. I’m sure it’s equally amazing.


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