Is This Blog for You?

OK, I'm going to lay it out there.  I'm going to draw the line in the sand.

I'm going to reveal exactly who I am making for.

Are you:

  • Passionate about photography?
  • Geeky about lenses, lighting, composition, ISO, tripods, flashes, aperture priority, and the like?
  • Energized when someone says they adore your photos?
  • The person that your friends and family turn to for camera advice?
  • Scheming of ways to make money with your expensive (but so much fun!) hobby?
  • Thinking of shooting your first wedding but still full of fear and doubts about taking on that kind of responsibility?
  • Looking for some good information and tools to help take that next step and become a successful wedding photographer?
Perfect.  If you answered yes to all (or most) of those 7 questions above, then YOU are my ideal audience. Cool.  I think we're going to really like each other.  :)

But I should warn you. is about more than just wedding photography.  It's about a life style design.  It's about doing something you love in a way that blows people away.

Does all that sound good to you? Perfect, stay tuned by subscribing to this blog.

Did I miss anything?

I would love it if you would leave a comment below and tell me how many of the 7 questions above fit you exactly.  Don't worry if you didn't say yes to all of them.  I won't kick you out of the club or anything. :)


  1. I’m this one: “The person that your friends and family turn to for camera advice” – unfortunately, I don’t know that much about cameras! I just owned a Nikon about five years ago and played around with it for a bit! Suddenly I’m the camera “expert”!

    • Ryan Oakley says:

       @London Accountant Well…then you have a choice, don’t you!  You can either tell them that you can’t help them, or…you help them!  It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to seem like an “expert” – espeically with techie type stuff like cameras and photography.
      I used to give people LOTS of advice and talk and talk and talk…..and overwhelm whoever was coming to me.
      In the end my camera advice would be this:
      – I tell them what I use
      – I tell them to go to the camera store and choose the camera that FEELS best in their hands and fits their budget (all other things being equal, really…a camera is a camera, really)
      That’s it!
      Good luck and thanks for leaving your comment.

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