Forget What’s In the Bag, What IS the Bag?

Camera gear is a touchy subject.

Google “Nikon vs Canon” and you get over 52,000,000 results.

So I'm not going to even attempt to lay out the dozens of bag options, give a long list of features to compare and analyze until you're blue in the face.

If you're like me and addicted to reading product comments, head on over to Amazon.  Come back when you're done — in an hour or two.

In this post I'm simply going to tell you what I am currently using, why I like it, and what I'm saving up to buy.

My Old Bag – the Lowepro 200 AW

The Lowepro 200 AW is a swing bag – and was the biggest of the Lowepro swing bags at the time I bought it, a few years ago. Looks like there is a larger 300 now.

The main reason I chose the swing bag was the fact that it is extremely mobile, like a backpack. But, unlike a backpack, the sling bag is much more accessible.

The images on the Amazon product page show how the bag swings from your back to your front without you having to take it off.  Then the zipper and the pockets are perfectly designed so that nothing spills onto the floor from 4 ft in the air when you open it up.

During a wedding shoot, the action is happening very fast. I need to move quickly, with all my gear, and be able to grab whatever I need (lens, flash, batteries, etc.) without having to say to the bride, “hold on a sec.”

I haven't seen anything beat the sling bag for mobility and accessibility.

It also happens to carry exactly the gear that I bring to my weddings:

  • Nikon D90
  • Nikon 18-200mm
  • Nikon 50mm
  • Lens Baby
  • SB-600 Flash
  • Batteries, SD Cards, and Business Cards

I travel pretty light, and I know I'll need to buy a new, bigger bag when I upgrade my body and glass.

But for now, the Lowepro 200 swing bag works really really well for me.

So What Do I Wish I Had?


A Crumpler would be really nice….so, you know, I can look young and hip.  Those black camera bags can be pretty dorky.

But I also know I'll need to go with something larger and more robust to keep my future 2.8's safe.  :)

How about you?

What bag do you use?  What bag do you wish you had?

Leave a comment below and let me know.


  1. Ryan Oakley says:

    Hey Jill — Groundbreaker, indeed. :) It isn’t the prettiest bag out there, but it sure is handy. Great for travel too, for sure.

  2. Sounds like this is the bag to have. I would love it simply for traveling to. I hate that uncomfortable feeling when you’re trying to conserve time/energy by not taking off your bag to get something out of it but then work yourself into a fit because its not ergonomic AT ALL. This bag seems like the answer to photography and just bag life in general. What a groundbreaker.

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