9 Tips to Great Photo Slideshows

A well-made slideshow video can bring you to tears.

A poorly-made one can bore you to tears.

I'm guessing you want to make a great slideshow. And whether it's for a wedding, a funeral, a birthday or even for a business function, by following these simple tips, you can really wow your audience.

Let's get started.

Use the following 9 tips to help you bring emotional power to your next slideshow.  And have a look at the example video I made below to give you some inspiration.

1. Start with the end in mind

Do you know how, exactly, you'll be presenting your slideshow to your audience? You don't want to get to the wedding reception only to find out there is no wi-fi and you can't stream your slideshow video!

Thinking ahead will help you make the right decision on which slideshow software tool to use and what you'll need to show off your slideshow without any problems.

Bonus Tip: Don't settle for anything less than HD. Make sure your software can export at least at HD 720p. Extra points if you get HD 1080p.
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